Step 1: Choose a tour
Check out our selection of available tours. If you want a private tour, contact us directly for itinerary and pricing.

Step 2: Submit your information and the tour your are inquiring about. 

















Once you submit your inquiry and information, we will email you within 48 hours with instructions. You will aslo be asked to submit the following documents, so please have them ready:

-High-resolution scan of your passport biographical with signature page
-High-resolution scan of passport style photo

*We will confirm the reciept of your documents and notify you within a week of the status of your visa application. Once your visa is approved by the DPRK, we will bill you for the deposit using Square Pay via secure link.

Step 3: Purchase your travel and accomodations to Beijing.
We book your round-trip air ticket from Beijing to Pyongyang. You must independently book your own travel and accomodations in Beijing. Once you have booked your accomodations, please inform us as we will deliver your DPRK tourist visa to your hotel 1 to 2 days prior to your departure date from Beijing to Pyongyang.

Step 4: Get a Chinese Visa (if necessary) 
It’s your responsibility to obtain a Chinese visa. Check with your local consulate on how to get one.
If you will be in Beijing for less than 72 hours on your way to the DPRK, there is a new 72 hour visa-free transit policy.

Step 5: Get Travel Insurance
Medical coverage is recommedned for the trip. Check with your current insurer to see if you’re covered.

Step 6: Pay Your Balance
We will bill you the balance using Square Pay via secure link. You will be required to pay 30 days prior to your departure date.