Can you really visit North Korea?
Yes! North Korea is open for tourism. Except for South Korean Passport holders, anyone with a valid passport can visit the DPRK and book a tour through us.

Can Americans travel to North Korea?
U.S. citizens are permitted to travel to North Korea. There are no restrictions from either government as to travel to the DPRK by U.S. citizens. Furthermore, the State Department allows U.S. travel service providers to organize group travel to North Korea. Please refer to the State Department website for more information. If you are not a U.S. citizen, please check with your government travel page for specific inter-country information. 

What is the DPRK?
The DPRK stands for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. This site uses DPRK and North Korea interchangeably. Following World War II and subsequently the Korean War, the Korean Peninsula was divided into North and South and remains divided along the 38th parallel. The Juche philosophy is the official state ideology. 

Is it safe to travel to the DPRK?
Absolutely! Despite recent political events, tourism is not affected and our staff maintains good relations with foreign embassies to monitor the safety of all of our tourists. 

Does the U.S. have an embassy in the DPRK?
The U.S. does not have an embassy in the DPRK. On September 20, 1995, the U.S. signed a consular protecting power agreement with the Swedish embassy to provide basic consular protection services to U.S. citizens traveling to the DPRK. We maintain good relations with the Swedish Embassy in Pyongyang and pre-register our North Korea tour groups with the embassy. Please consult the State Department website for more information on this agreement.

If you are not a U.S. citizen, you may have different arrangements under your home country. Please check with your government travel page for the protcols. Many of the European, Asian and African countries have permanent diplomatic missions in the DPRK and citizens of those countries may call upon their home embassy in case of an emergency.

What payment types do you accept?

We will email a secure link via Square so you can safely (and securely) pay for your deposit and balance. We will also proving wiring instructions if you wish to transfer funds via wire transfer.

What is your refund policy?

If you cancel within 15-30 days prior to your DPRK departure, your deposit will be non-refundable.
If you cancel within 14 days of your DPRK departure date, there are no eligible refunds.

Who cannot book a North Korea tour?
Professional journalists and South Korean citizens cannot be granted DPRK tourist visas at this time. If you are a professional photographer or work at a newspaper in some other capacity, please contact us first.

Do I need a Chinese visa?

You may. Our tours usually start in Beijing. It’s always recommended to get a Chinese visa when entering China. You can apply for a multi-entry L visa at your local Chinese consulate by bringing in a copy of your flight itinerary to Beijing and a Beijing hotel confirmation.

Beijing has introduced a new policy, effective January 2013, that allows citizens of certain countries to enter visa free for a period of 72 hours or less. You may be able to take advantage of this new policy. See our step-by-step guide on getting through Beijing immigration using the 72 hour visa free rule. 

If you plan to stay in Beijing for less than 24 hours, you probably qualify for a transit visa, which can be applied for at the airport. You will need to present all connecting flight information.

Can I take pictures and videos during my trip?
Yes, you can take pictures and videos in most places in North Korea. There are certain places where pictures are not allowed and our local guides will let you know when not to take pictures. Please refrain from taking any pictures that might be deemed offensive and check with your guide if you are unsure.

Is there Internet or phone access in the DPRK?
While most forms of communication outside of the DPRK are unavailable or permitted, the DPRK has announced that foreigners may now bring cell phones, rent local SIM cards for telephone access and may access mobile 3G internet from within the country.

Can I bring a laptop, an iPad, or kindle?
Yes. There are no restrictions on bringing electronic devices as long as it is not a GPS device. Laptops, iPads, iPods, and kindles are all permissible.

What currency is accepted in North Korea?
USD, EUR and Chinese RMB can all be used in North Korea. North Korean banks do not take bills that have a tear or rip in them so please try to bring newer, cleaner bills. There are no ATMs or currency exchange counters in North Korea, so come prepared.

What if I get sick while I am in North Korea?
We strongly recommend travelers to purchase emergency medical insurance.  Although medical treatment is available in Pyongyang at the hospital in the diplomatic compound, medical resources may be limited in the outer provinces. In the case where airlift is required for emergency situations, our local guides will work with the foreign embassies to arrange this.